Insurance Carriers

Dr. Ritchie and his staff and assist insurance carriers by offering the following services:
   Impairment Rating Reviews (IRRs)
   Post-Designated Doctor (DD) Required Medical Evaluations (RMEs)
   Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)

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and the cost for each.

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Impairment Rating Reviews (IRRs) 
Impairment rating reviews are typically based on the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (Guides). Impairment ratings should be correct and unbiased; unfortunately, most are not. Studies have documented the observation that most ratings are higher than the clinical data would support; however, sometimes, ratings may be lower than appropriate. We will help you ensure ratings are accurate.

Why are impairment ratings erroneous? Most physicians lack the skills in the use of the Guides. Erroneous ratings also result from inaccurate clinical assessment, faulty causation evaluation, inaccurate determination of maximal medical improvement, use of unreliable data, lack of impairment analysis skills, and/or bias.

The critical review of an impairment rating requires knowledge, skill and experience in clinical analysis, causation evaluation and use of the Guides. Medical issues are often complex and require proper discernment; therefore, our analyses are completed by doctors who are certified to perform impairment ratings, who understands both clinical and claims issues. We follow a process that ensures that our conclusions are both insightful, supportable and accurate. It is essential to determine that the clinical data used as the basis for the rating is both reliable and is the result of the injury. Our analyses are consistent with jurisdictional and system requirements. We can provide you with an emailed summary or a detailed written report.

Post-DD Required Medical Evaluations (RMEs)
The Texas Department of Insurance, Division of Worker's Compensation, authorizes insurance carriers to request a required medical examination (RME) for injured employees to resolve any questions regarding the appropriateness of the health care received by the injured employee and to resolve any issues pertaining to a Designated Doctor’s determination regarding their injury as outlined under the Texas Administrative Code (TAC) and the Texas Labor Code.

Certified and qualified doctors are required to perform required medical examinations as requested by the insurance carrier pursuant to the rules and regulations outlined by rule 126.5 in the Texas Administrative Code (TAC). Specific questions related to maximum medical improvement (MMI) and impairment rating (IR), extent of injury (EXT) and return to work (RTW) can be asked as part of the required medical examination.