Dr. Mark Ritchie and his staff are highly skilled and efficient in providing quality and timely evaluations and administrative services for patients, Treating Doctors, Referral Doctors, Insurance Carriers, Nurse Case Manager and Attorneys.




We have over 20 years of experience with certifications
in providing a variety of medical services including:

      Impairment Rating Evaluations (MMI & IRs)
      Impairment Rating Reviews (IRRs)
Alternative Impairment Ratings (AIR)
      Post-DD Required Medical Evaluations (RMEs)
      Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)
      Dynamic Motions Studies (DSM)



We travel throughout the State of Texas to provide these services to urban and rural areas, as there are fewer and fewer certified and experienced doctors to do so.


In the world of Workers Compensation in Texas, it is more important than ever to find providers and companies that are skilled, knowledgeable and efficient in working with all system participants to achieve optimum success and satisfaction. You need friendly people who you can consistently depend on who are experienced in the complex workings within the workers comp system and who understand the  language and concepts used to avoid unnecessary delays, complications and other problems.

Dr. Mark Ritchie and his staff are knowledgeable and experienced and can streamline the flow of patient care and coordination of care while maximizing efficiency and cost savings. Dr. Ritchie has over 20 years of experience as a TDI-DWC Designated Doctor and is the co-owner of Texas Independent Evaluators, a company that provides administrative and professional assistance for other Designated Doctors who he has worked with and trained. He has performed thousands of impairment rating exams and functional capacity evaluations (FCEs) and provides detailed, organized, yet easy to read reports.

Dr. Ritchie's support staff are the fuel that run the business and work closely with all parties involved and have experience in scheduling timely evaluations, speaking with injured workers and assisting Treating Doctors and their staff to help ensure proper decisions, plans and outcomes are accomplished and in a timely manner.


Once you speak with Dr. Ritchie and Rebecca, the business manager, you will quickly and confidently learn of the value and proficiency they can provide to all parties. Please feel free to reach out to either of Dr. Ritchie or Rebecca to discuss those matters of importance.

Contact our office today to schedule one or more of our services or if you have questions, please contact:

Rebecca Ritchie