Disputing a Designated Doctor Impairment Rating

If you and your Treating Doctor disagree with a Designated Doctor’s report and findings, you are entitled to have an alternative impairment rating performed to dispute the Designated Doctor’s evaluation. This must be disputed within 90 days from the date that the patient, receive the Designated Doctor’s report. If you have not received this report within 2-3 weeks of the date of the evaluation, you need to contact the Designated Doctor and make sure that they send you a report and you should document all of this and the person(s) you spoke with about this issue. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have received all of the documentation and forms of your Designated Doctor evaluation.


After the alternative rating is performed, the next step is going to a Benefit Review Hearing (BRH). Although the patient can represent themselves, it is highly advisable that they have an Ombudsman from the Office of Injured Employee Council (OIEC) or an attorney familiar with the workers compensation system assist or represent them for the hearing.


The Workers Compensation System is extremely complicated and legalistic and insurance companies frequently hire attorneys to represent them and it would be wise for patients to do the same as their medical and income benefits are at stake. An Ombudsman from OIEC can be contacted at 1-866-393-6432.